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Construction Company Roofer Repair Service - Customer Testimonial by Anthony Clancy

Construction Company Roofing review

When was the work done?

Danny has been doing work for us for about four years now .

What was involved?

We’re a construction company so the work can vary from project to project. We generally have a lot of copper work and slating. Danny covers every aspect of roofing really, so that’s a major plus when we call him to quote for work.

Why did you choose Roofer Dublin?

I first met Danny through the golden pages when we were looking to get some copper work to be formed and installed on a dome structure roof we had constructed in Rathgar in Dublin. We had got a few quotesl for the work, in fairness Danny’s estimate was not he cheapest but the architect on site was so specific on how the copper detail and finish was to be formed and fitted, after going through all the estimates we where more comfortable choosing Danny as his was by far the most compressive and detailed. After seeing the finish and craftsman ship of the work he carried out for us on that project we would find it very difficult to replace him for any another roofer.

Did Daniel introduce new idea's?

Yes, in most situations we have a detailed schedule of materials and our expected time frames . The thing with Danny is he is up to date with new roofing techniques and materials. His skills benefits us greatly on site introducing new products and his experience with roofing suppliers is also a key factor

How did the project run?

Danny has always been on time and on budget with us. The key element about Danny is that he gives us a fixed price quotation. On occasions we have had to get a few quotations from other roofing firms which quoted for the project and left the book open for unforeseen problems. This usually means a price increase during the project process and requires us to go back to our client with problems. With Danny this is never an issue we have to address.

What was the biggest benefit to you of choosing Roofer Dublin?

Reliability, performance and a competitive quote. It shows in Danny’s workmanship, his attention to detail and his can do attitude says it all.

Would you recommend Roofer Dublin to others?

Yes, without any hesitation.

Construction Company Roofing Service in Dublin

Roofer Dublin is a professional roofing service that consists of skilled & seasoned roofers who work as a team to deliver clients great satisfaction upon the completion of their roofing project. With many years experience in the roofing industry, it’s easy for us to stay ahead of our competitors and bring clients high-quality roofing solutions by making use of our quality-assured roof repair or renovation methods. It’s our goal to deliver reliability, longevity and the unmatched performance required to offer complete satisfaction for both commercial and residential projects we undertake for our clients. These are the reasons why we have become the leading construction company roofing service in Dublin.

Selecting the correct roofing system for your commercial property is surely among the most critical decision you will make. This system could safeguard your investment for many years to come, and if you pick the wrong team to do this task – you’ll possibly have to go through expensive repairs, damage to the building and the possession inside of it, or even with an early tear-off & re-roof.

We at Roofer Dublin provide you a complete & straightforward service that’ll suit your time frame & the project budget. Our professional roofers are committed to offer quality services, and will try to do their job as efficiently as feasible. They will also clean up the mess once the roof repair or renovation project is over. Whether it is a storm restoration, siding repair or gutter replacement you can rely on our craftsmanship. Our objective is to build a stellar reputation by earning the respect & loyalty of 100% satisfied customers. We offer competitive warranties and unparalleled service and commitment for your satisfaction.

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