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High School Roof Repair Testimonial - Customer Testimonial by Des Moore from Dublin 13

High school roof repair review

When was the work done?

Danny’s done a good bit of work for me. I’m the caretaker at St. Fintans High School and he has done work for me there as well as at my home.

What was involved?

Roofing jobs whether they be felt or slate roofs. Usually due to weather or storm damage, the roofs need to be repaired and fixed.

Why did you choose Roofer Dublin?

I came into contact with Danny a few years ago when he did work on my own home. He had been recommended to me by someone who used him before. My home which had an old, slated roof had suffered quite a bit of storm damage and needed to be repaired. Danny and his team came out, fixed it up and I have to say I was impressed not only with the workmanship but with the presentation of the bill. It was all itemised so I knew exactly what I was paying for. Since that time, I’d become caretaker at St. Fintans and whenever we need roofing work carried out, I call Danny.

Had you definite idea's in mind before you talked to Daniel?

I do have a fair idea about what needs to be done, yes.

Did Daniel introduce new idea's?

He does but it’s mainly to do with the practical considerations of the job and what would be best for each situation.

How did the project run?

Excellent. Having known and worked with Danny over a number of years now, I can trust him to do the job and not have to worry about it. His workmanship is very good but what I like about Danny is that he has a nice manner with people and that’s a very nice asset to have. His manner, combined with his roofing skills is impressive enough as far as I’m concerned.

What was the biggest benefit to you of choosing Roofer Dublin?

The most important thing for me is that I can count on Danny. When I need a job done at the school, I need it done quickly and Danny does that for me. He’s very prompt.

Would you recommend Roofer Dublin to others?

Absolutely, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Danny.