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Roof Repair Done on Listed Building - Customer Testimonial by by Mrs Lyons from Dublin

Georgian roofing Dublin Review

When was the work done?

Daniel has done work for me on several occasions the most recent being in August, 2011.

What was involved?

Daniel has done both repair and roof replacement work for me. I live in a Georgian house and the work needs to be done in a very specific way and within certain guidelines.

Why did you choose Roofer Dublin?

I found Daniel in the Golden Pages. Initially I didn’t know anything about him because it was just a name and telephone number but afterwards we went back to Daniel because they were very obliging, polite and honest. I was very impressed with them. We got quotations from two other roofers but felt most comfortable choosing Daniel to do the work.

Did Daniel introduce new idea's?

He did, yes. Daniel gave us three options and price quotes to suit our budget requirements. All of the quotes were good, the difference in the prices was in relation to the quality of slat that were available.

How did the project run?

Excellent, really excellent. Because it’s a listed house the job was complex but they did a terrific job. Daniel and his partner are unusual in that they’re so obliging. There was one case where we had a party and they took the scaffolding down so the house would look its best, that’s how good they are."

What was the biggest benefit to you of choosing Roofer Dublin?

Everything. They’re reliable, come when they say they will and do excellent work. Their prices are reasonable and not excessive. Daniel was prepared to discuss prices and works within your budget by offering different options. We were able to choose one that suited our pocket best.

Would you recommend Roofer Dublin to others?

I absolutely would and I don’t often say that. They’re excellent.